Dr Graeme Birdsey

About the Doctor

Dr Graeme Birdsey has been married since 2008 to his amazing wife Bianca and is a proud father of three beautiful and uniquely talented deaf daughters.

After graduating from the University of Cape Town in 2007, he and his wife spent 4 years doing general medicine in a rural hospital in Northern Kwazulu-Natal. During these years he oversaw the maternity department, counselled and treated women with unwanted pregnancies and gynaecological problems. It was during this time that his passion for patient-centred women’s health was ignited.

He completed his post-graduate training and graduated with his FCOG from the College of Medicine of South Africa and his Masters in Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He has recently completed his Bachelors in Endoscopic surgery through the Gesea International Institute, and is continuously improving his skills in this area. Graeme is currently a board member of Ukukhanya Life Care Centre, an NGO which provides palliative and compassionate care to children and adults with HIV.

His wife is also a medical doctor and a keen academic she recently completed her Medical MSC in paediatric neurodevelopment with distinction. She also runs various NGO’s and is a provider of support both locally and internationally families who have children who are deaf and hard of hearing. She is involved in his practise on consultation basis to add that extra level of care and understanding.

His practice aims to empower women to make choices that are best suited to them through patient-centred counselling.

Because of his broad background from being a father of three special needs daughters, to having a background in general medicine, to doing in depth research with women in crises and a prolonged women’s health experience and running multiple NGO’s, he is ideally placed to treat women throughout their lives and facing various health problems.


Dr. Birdsey is one in a million. Warm, compassionate, understanding, caring… the list goes on. Always so patient and always taking the time to listen to all our worries and concerns. Calmly quieting our fears with his thorough explanations and advice. Dr. Birdsey guided us safely and took such great care of us throughout my pregnancy and delivery of baby, which was high risk due to my age, hypertension and gestational diabetes. Dr. Birdsey continued to give us unconditional support after I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. He truly is one of God’s angels. I highly recommend Dr. Birdsey.


Dr Birdsey was a godsend and we highly recommend him. My husband and I have experienced a fair amount of heartbreak due to the recurrent miscarriages I have had. We found Dr Birdsey because we felt unsupported by our previous gynaes. Dr Birdsey restored our faith in medical professionals. We felt entirely seen and understood by him. He had all the time in the world for us and offered us an unbelievable amount of compassion, concern, and open mindedness. He is super rare in the medical fraternity because he is entirely in touch with the emotional experience of his patients which cannot be separated from their medical experience. Bedside manner aside, he is a great medical professional and I felt very safe in his hands and confident in his ability. Dr Birdsey is an absolute gem and we are so grateful for him.


I’m actually at a loss for words so I’ll sum Dr Birdsey up in a few words: Compassionate, caring, kind, highly skilled, the perfect bed-side manner. Frankly I’ll grow old in his care. Thank you Dr Birdsey.


Very professional, understanding and patient doctor. Would recommend him to anyone in search of a great gynecologist.