In celebration of women…

To all the amazing ladies who have crossed my path and who I have had the privilege to get to know, you are special and valuable.
The female body is incredible. The complexity of the interactions of all the structures and all the hormones that are produced to enable the potential for life, points toward a perfect design. The ability to create and sustain new life as it develops is nothing short of a miracle. The growth of life from two cells to an intricately and beautifully woven human being, which is enabled by you, is remarkable.
To all of you who are strong, determined pillars in your family – I salute you. To all of you who juggle work, family, relationships and a million other commitments and expectations – you are my heroes.
To you who have sacrificed your dreams and desires for your family and others – great will be your reward.
To those who have hoped and yet lost that very thing that they had hoped for – continue to believe for you will overcome.
To the women who have lost loved ones – be comforted, I acknowledge your pain.
To the single mothers – there are none in this world who are stronger than you.
To the women who have struggled to have a child of there own, don’t let anyone tell you it is impossible, keep believing.
To those who have lost babies this year – what you have been through very few can understand. I acknowledge the valley through which you are walking – hold on!
To those who have needed surgery and have been unwell, your bravery is an example to so many.
To the women who have fought cancer, chronic illness, physical pain and have struggled with anxiety and depression – I acknowledge your difficult and sometimes endless journey, you are seen.
To those who have become mothers – who better could be chosen than you to steward that beautiful gift through life?

To each and every one of you – you are enough! Do not forget your intrinsic value, your unending beauty, your tremendous strength and your intricate design. Your life is the radiance that keeps us going.